Who Are We

Minerals West Coast is a charitable trust that was set up in 2005 by a group of industry representatives to provide a collective voice for the minerals and extractive industry on the West Coast in response to a number of issues of the day. The contribution of these people in relation to membership and financial contributions should be recognised as significant.

Minerals West Coast has continued to evolve with the changing landscape of the industry with the focus of the trust guided by the Strategic Plan. This plan is updated every year and feedback is welcomed from members in relation to the direction of the organisation.


The Trust currently has 9 trustees, these are as follows:

  • Glenys Perkins – Chairperson
  • Sue Merriman
  • Peter Haddock
  • Brett Cummings
  • Chris Baker
  • Richard Tacon
  • Ian Harvey
  • Eddie Davis
  • Peter O’Sullivan

What we do

The Trust advocates and lobbies for the minerals and extractives industry in a number of different ways:


The trust submits on any number of consultation documents provided by central and local government.


The trust advocates for the minerals and extractives industry through regular contact with government department and local government. The most recent success in this regard is demonstrated through the development of the ‘West Coast Minerals’ document that has been adopted by the 4 West Coast Councils.

Collaboration across Industry

The trust facilitates collaboration across the minerals and extractives industry through regular meetings with industry participants. The most regular of these meeting involve the West Coast Commercial Gold Miners Association which Minerals West Coast Provides administration support to.

Annual Forum / Workshop

The trust runs an annual mining focused forum or workshop. This provides an opportunity for industry and regulators to get together and discuss relevant issues. This is an important part of the mining calendar on the West Coast and has been well supported in recent years.

Copies of relevant consultation documents and the associated submissions are available here.